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Managers, team leaders and business owners...

Are you struggling to get the results you need out of the people you manage or lead?

Are you too busy to wade through hundreds of heavy books or sign up for yet another boring training program run by academics who don't really understand your real-life situation? Congratulations! You've come to the right place.

The Leadership Skill Center works with managers, leaders, business owners and executives from companies, industry and professional associations, universities and schools, health and scientific organizations, government departments and utilities around the world.

If you are like most busy managers and team leaders, you're facing increasing pressure to deliver more results with ever reducing resources. You just can't afford to get less than the best out of your whole team. Good leadership skills are essential.

State of the art online leadership programs are helping senior and experienced managers get even better, and new managers get started as effective team leaders, simply, easily and conveniently.

A four step process for building your leadership skills

Making the transition from struggling or just managing to effortless and effective leadership and management is a simple four-step process:

  1. Assess and understand your own style, situation, strengths and weaknesses
  2. Acquire the core knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors which have been proven effective by other leaders
  3. Work with an experienced mentor to challenge, guide and support you while you apply your new learning and ideas to your own real-life situations
  4. Consolidate your new skills and experiences by employing your learning across a range of situations, such as by sharing your insight with other managers facing similar situations in a different context.

Leaders and managers implementing this approach are seeing dramatic improvement in their personal effectiveness, and in their teams' performance and achievements, as they build better leadership skills. We consistently see struggling managers become good, and good ones making the leap to greatness.

KMG Consulting has been coaching, mentoring and helping managers to develop practical and effective leadership skills since 1993. Now you too can benefit from our experience through the Leadership Skill Center which offers our proven leadership programs with all the convenience of online access, anytime, anywhere.

We have a solid record of success that proves our unique approach works. It can work for you too.

Please have a look through this web site for details of how you can quickly and easily become a better leader and manager than you ever dreamed possible.

And make sure you pick up your copies of our free resources, including the Top Leadership Tips Workbook and copies of Leading Well, before you leave.


You can learn more about some of the clients we work with and the issues they face by clicking here.



Turn up your speakers and listen to a brief welcome message from Kerrie Mullins-Gunst, Founder of the Leadership Skill Center.

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