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Today I want to look at one of the key challenges I hear about, from Leaders and Managers, all the time.Whether I am speaking at a conference, consulting to organizations or coaching leaders, either one-on-one or through the Leadership Coaching Club, what I hear about is – Stress!

Stress is a huge part of the life of every manager and leader and how well you manage stress has a dramatic impact on your own life, your family’s happiness and the success of your team.

When you can manage stress effectively, not only will you enjoy your life and your role more, you will be able to ‘take charge’ and lead people through situations that others find distressing or even confronting.

If you can’t cope with the stress, you will struggle to do your job at all, let alone well.

Because it is such a huge issue for so many people I have put together the ‘Be Stress Free’ course to share with you how to get stress under control in your life.

It’s packed with useful ideas, practical tips, bonus ebooks and other resources to help you break free from the tyranny of stress.

It really is $97 in value – and I may well start to charge that for it soon – but if you sign up today it will always remain free for you.

Grab it here now, before I change my mind:

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If you want more personal assistance than a course, you should consider the Leadership Coaching Club where you will find substantial assistance to manage all aspects of your role as a leader.

If you are already a member, don’t forget to visit to see all the new material that has been added recently. Here are some of them:

  • The Four Hour Work Week
  • Achieving Great Results
  • Quick and Easy Tips for Reducing Stress
  • Becoming and Innovator
  • Involving People in Change… and much more…

If you are a member you can login in to the Leadership Coaching Club at using your email address and member’s password.

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And finally, I currently have a couple of openings for private one-on-one coaching.

I only ever work with a very small number of senior and high potential candidates at any one time, and rarely promote my Executive and Leadership Coaching Services, as the limited places tend to fill up automatically from the waiting list or through requests for me to work with someone else in the same organization.

But, as people finish the programs we design, vacancies can arise and currently I can accept a couple more people. So if you would like to work with me personally, one-on-one in my private leadership coaching program, you might like to Contact Us asking for more details.

Coaching is typically done by phone or Skype, with email and state-of-the-art online facilities for support, making it available to candidates located in a wide range of locations.

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That’s all for now, but don’t forget to claim your copy of the “Be Stress Free” course now at and Contact Us for more details about my private coaching if you are interested.

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