Do you work with younger staff?

One of the most requested items from a recent survey I ran was for more information on how to motivate and manage Generation X and Y workers. So if that is one of your concerns as a leader and manager, you’ll be pleased to know we will be publishing something on that very soon.

As always, our aim is to produce practical and to-the-point quick action guides, rather than comprehensive tomes that no one has time to read. But I still want to ensure we cover everything YOU want.

So please do me a quick favor and take two minutes now to to tell me exactly what you want to know and I’ll make sure we include it.

All you need to do is reply to this email and let me know things like:
* what challenges you have working with Generation X and Y workers, and
* what you would like included…

If you would also like to share what you find works best or why you need to know about this topic that would be fine too.

Your reply doesn’t need to be long. Just a quick comment will help and then I can be sure you get the most helpful and useful guide we can produce.

Please take a moment now and tell me exactly what you want to know about managing and motivating Generation X and Y workers.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


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