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How do you cope with conflict in the workplace?

Conflict can make many people feel very uncomfortable. It’s easy to become emotionally invested in the outcome of a conflict and feel personally attacked. For some, conflict in the workplace is an immediate incentive to start looking for another job.

As a leader and manager you can’t avoid conflict. It comes with the territory! And you can’t afford to ignore it or you may lose some of your best people as well as the resources you need to do your job. Nor can you afford to get so involved in the conflict that you become a part of it.

So how do you cope with conflict in the workplace?

In fact your role is to manage through conflict, however uncomfortable it may make you feel.

This means it is critical that you understand your own response to conflict and develop the skills that will allow you to cope effectively with conflict in organisations.

Once you can do that, not only will you cope well with conflict you will even begin to see the positive role conflict can have in an organisation in terms of fairly establishig priorities and access to limited resources.

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