Leaders with Attitude and 13 Things

One of the secrets to becoming a leader who motivates others to follow you, is your attitude. As a leader, your attitude is catching. And no matter what else happens to us, we are always responsible for our own attitude.

Cultivate the right attitude and motivating others to follow your lead becomes easier and easier.

While there are a number of dimensions to what makes the ‘right’ attitude for a leader, one of them is undoubtedly to appreciate what people do for you and what you already have.

I have made a simple video about things I’m thankful for to help prompt you to think about your attitude and how your attitude can help you to motivate the people on your team.

The right attitude is one of the most motivating and powerful things you can cultivate.

Add a comment below to share the things you are thankful for.

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  • Toby Hively

    September 1, 2011

    You made excellent points, great work!

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