Have you ever asked yourself...

Why don’t people just listen?

Some things are so obvious you would think people wouldn’t even need to be told them. Or at least you should be able to tell them once and they ‘get it’ immediately!

Of course if you manage people or lead a team you know this is rarely the case... Take wearing their safety equipment in hazardous workplaces. Or taking stretch breaks for keyboard operators... Or lifting things properly... Or finishing one file before starting on the next... Or keeping the tea-room clean... Or whatever that annoying issue is for you...

Not every message you need to get across as a team leader or manager is a big picture or strategic vision one. Not all could be described as inspiring.

Some messages are not even very exciting or interesting ones.

And some are downright obvious.

But even the obvious messages can still be very important.

And as team leader you need to do what ever it takes to make sure everyone acts on any important messages you need to deliver. You are the one who will be held accountable for their mistakes if they don’t do the right thing, after all.

It should be so simple, and yet these are some of the common questions I get asked when I am coaching leaders and managers: "How do I get people to listen?" "How do get people to do what I tell them to?" "How do I make them wear their safety equipment?" "This stuff is so obvious - why won’t they do it?"...

Just how many times do you have to remind people? And how do you do it without sounding like a nag?

There are four things you need to remember when you are trying to get your message to stick:

  1. You have to approach even obvious messages with the right mindset. Focus on being helpful and consistent rather than on your feelings of being frustrated.

  2. It is important to keep delivering a consistent message. Dont be tempted to modify your message or people will become confused about its importance.

  3. Use a variety of means to deliver your consistent message so it doen't become stale. Focus on finding different ways to deliver the same message rather than on changing your message. One of the key ways to avoid nagging is to employ variety in the way you deliver a consistent message, instead of just harping on the same thing the same way over and over...

  4. Make sure you understand how to encourage and embed new habits in your team culture so your desired action follows automatically.


But of course there's a little more to it than that, and when I sat down to write this article it grew and grew into a Short Report I called Getting Your ( Obvious ) Message Across.

Originally I wrote it just for the members of my Leadership Coaching Club, and if you are already a member - don’t buy it because you will soon receive it for free as a bonus for being a member!

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I kept it short, practical and to the point because I know you are way too busy for a theoretical long-winded tome.

So here it is: A Short 'Just the Gist' Report for Leaders and Managers on how to get your message across - especially those messages that are so obvious, it's hard to understand why people don't just 'get them' straight away.

'Getting Your ( Obvious ) Message Across' will show you:

What ‘obvious’ messages are and why they can be so hard, yet so critical, to get across to your team
Why it’s not enough for you to just tell people your message and what else you need to be doing to ensure your team members really ‘get it’!
A checklist of eleven different ways to get across your (obvious) messages, so you aren't nagging...
Why it is that people can know your message - maybe even repeat it back to you - and still not act on it and how to change that so your message becomes embedded in your team culture and individual action.
How to make it all work effectively and ensure everyone on your team really 'gets it'!
The four principles you need to follow to make your messages - and any new behaviors - stick in your team culture.

So here is your opportunity. I’m not sure how long I will sell it at this price or even how long I'll keep it available to people who aren't members of the Leadership Coaching Club.

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A warning

Now, this Report won’t mean that every member of your team will suddenly and instantly become a perfect angel overnight, but it will offer you a checklist of eleven different ways that you can start using immediately to get your message across and a sound basis to begin to change individual and team behaviors more easily than you might have imagined.

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