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Our Services

The Leadership Skill Center's core service is design and delivery of online skill development programs for leaders, managers and mentors.

Online Leadership Programs

Our public leadership programs are available immediately through the Online Courses area.

Customized programs are also available for our corporate clients or associations. (For more details about arranging a customized or private program just for your organization, please contact us.)

Independent Study Programs

You can begin working on our Independent study programs right this minute, as soon as your enrolment is completed. They take a range of different forms, including:


Audioseminars are short, sharp and specific programs designed to take you approximately one hour to complete.

They typically comprise:

  • an audio file, usually lasting for no more than an hour
  • a useful study guide including key points and useful exercises to help you acquire the skills you need.

You can listen online to the audio file or download it to your mp3 player to listen to later, at your convenience.

Each audioseminar focuses on the essential key points of a specific skill or topic.

Short Courses

Short courses are designed for you to complete at your convenience and at your own pace. You can start immediately, or whenever suits you. You do not need to wait for a group to be ready to begin, as you do with our premium mentored programs.

Individual short courses vary in their length and structure. Some short courses may take you only a couple of hours to complete, while others may be structured to take you through a longer more detailed program lasting for several weeks. Check the details for individual short courses to see how they operate.

Short courses may incorporate different learning techniques, such as written materials, audioseminars, exercises, quizzes, demonstrations or a number of others, to ensure you benefit from the program.

The Online Courses area contains a free demonstration short course called Getting Started Online that will show you how our courses work. You can login to enrol for free in Getting Started Online.

If you wish to maintain records of any audioseminars or short courses you complete online for your professional certification or personal CV files, ask for a certificate of completion after you complete the requirements.

If you would like to be notified as more independent study programs are added to the public Course Area, please sign up for regular copies of Leading Well plus your free copy of our Top Leadership Tips Workbook by clicking here.

Premium Programs

If you are serious about getting better results across the board as a leader and manager, you really should join Kerrie's exclusive Leadership Coaching Club.

Leadership Coaching Club

The Leadership Coaching Club incorporate an extensive set of resources, learning materials and activities, such as teleseminars, written material, surveys and quizzes, audio downloads, exercises and activities, demonstrations and a number of others.

The Leadership Coaching Club is built on the recognized FeLAN™ (Facilitated eLearning Action Network) model developed by the Leadership Skill Center's founder Kerrie Mullins-Gunst.

Program materials are available online so you can access them wherever you might be located. Yet through the FeLAN™ model you can interact, network and develop links with other senior managers, executives and business owners around the globe via teleseminars, online discussion forums and other means. Like your program mentor, these other participants will challenge your thinking and revitalize your approach to your work.


You can learn more about joining the Leadership Coaching Club and our other courses and forthcoming events by clicking here.


New Audioseminar

Now available for instant download:

The Art of Influence
- How to get what you want from people easily, and every time

with Paddy Spruce

New courses are announced in Leading Well as soon as they are available. To be notified sign up for Leading Well here.


Online Courses

Love the new site! So easy to navigate and see what's happening. Thank you"

Jenni Wright
Adelaide, Australia

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New courses are announced in Leading Well as soon as they are available. To be notified sign up for Leading Well here.


About KMG Consulting

The Leadership Skill Center is a division of KMG Consulting which offers a range of services in in areas including strategic planning, change management, communication, crises, issues and risk negotiation, mentoring and coaching, as well as executive and leadership development.

In addition to consulting KMG Consulting offers strategic facilitation, team building and executive programs, in-house seminars, workshops, training programs and conference presentations, as well as our online programs.

You can learn more about all of KMG Consulting's services at our companion website by clicking here.



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