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What Clients Say About Us

Here are just a few of the comments delighted clients have offered after conference presentations, leadership training seminars and consulting projects we have undertaken over the years:


"Kerrie's conversational style has made the eCourse an enjoyable read. Together with the short and succinct units, this makes it readable and doable for busy people. Having made sense of an elusive subject enables me to easily use the information in any material I need to. A wonderful resource. Much appreciated."

Inta Sellick (Bradbury, South Australia)


“Thank you for the wonderful training program you organised for us yesterday. … I can say without exaggeration that your course was by far the most useful and the most enjoyable I have ever attended. … Sincere thanks for an outstanding program.”

Dr Margot Riordan, Manager Study Abroad & Student Exchange, University of Melbourne


"Thank you for an outstanding presentation on Tuesday morning. The presentation was not only informative but highly entertaining, a great start to the day. Your presentation also received the one of the best reviews in our attendee survey. Once again thank you for the enlightenment."

Robert Moyle, Managing Director Australian Regional Consulting Group Pty Ltd


"Our Operating Room Managers really got a lot out of your session. They had an assignment question on what they would do differently in presenting after your session and they demonstrated to me that they had retained the information that you gave them. They also did quite a bit of personal reflection on their style; preparation etc. and some were even saying they were looking forward to presenting in the future! You did a great job to bring about that change Kerrie! It was interesting in the next block of study in the feedback sheets they began critiquing the presentation style of the other speakers! That is when I knew they had really gained from your work. Thanks so much.
NB: You are one of very few presenters that was rated by all participants as 100% Very informative, relevant & interesting!!!"

Leanne Laidler, Benchmark Healthcare


“Kerrie was truly inspiring and I would highly recommend her as a speaker.”

Gayle Higgins, Manager, Enterprising Women Network


“Your ability to engage and involve the audience in such an entertaining and enlightening way was simply ‘magical’.”

Daphne Ristic, CPA-SEMAG


“We received very positive feedback from those in the audience. They liked the content of the workshop, and in addition we received comments that it was inspiring, encouraging and empowering. One person even said it was the best training program they had ever attended! … Thank you once again for your time and enthusiasm, it was a major contribution to the workshop’s success.”

Janine Pickering and Rae Robinson, CSIRO


“Thank you very much for your excellent facilitation during our Strategic Planning Meeting ... I have heard great praise from the participants after the meeting. One particularly seasoned participant described it as the best strategic meeting she had ever attended.”

Kevin Murray, Director, Craft Victoria


“Kerrie has been more than competent, but more importantly, obviously well respected … professionalism, diligence and good humour … I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Cec Abotomy, Managing Director, Huntsman Film


“We were delighted with her work for us. Kerrie is a great facilitator and involved her audience well in her presentation. … I highly recommend Kerrie to you as a speaker your audience will readily warm to.”

Margaret Seedsman, Executive Director, Successful Attitude Pty Ltd


“You have helped to equip our delegates with the knowledge they will require to confidently approach the next century. Thankyou once again for sharing your knowledge and experience.”

Anna Manzoney, Public Affairs Director, Avcare


“The Directors of Econnect Communication undertook a half day workshop with Kerrie which we found expertly facilitated. ... We would and have recommended Kerrie to others.”

Lin Martin, Director, Econnect Communication


“She promoted real dialogue between the differing stakeholders. Her combination of strong communication skills and a scientific background is both valuable and useful.”

Prof Ben Selinger, Chair, Independent Panel on Intractable Waste


“Her skills provided for a relaxed, yet business-like environment which allowed the various objectives to be met.”

Vin Delahunty, Victorian Farmers Federation


“Thank you for your excellent presentation on Issue Risk Management. Such a short, sharp presentation but with some profound and sensible approaches. … We have at our executive management level reviewed potential issues that may develop, stimulated by your presentation.”

Hugh Ilyine, General Manager, Rhône-Poulenc Rural


“Our Crisis Management Team were impressed with your command of the subject and complimentary on your leadership style.”

D.A. Heussler, Govt & Envt Affairs, Dow AgroSciences


“… one of the most fascinating and stimulating addresses presented throughout the conference.”

Prof Don Grant, Centre for Australian Studies


“… valuable contribution … extremely high professional standard … I have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.”

Gerry Scheltinga, CSIRO Molecular Science


“She has entertained and delighted her audiences every time. … I have used Kerrie as a speaker for detailed training sessions, management issues, motivational discussions, in a forum discussion and for just sheer entertainment and enjoyment. … Kerrie Mullins-Gunst is a genuine, dynamic and sincere person who performs well.”

Alain Grossbard, General Manager Corporate Relations, TXU


“We enjoyed her use of humour and interactive group exercises … particularly interesting and effective … As several participants said, we could easily have spent more time on the program. I am happy to recommend Kerrie to you.”

JB Mole, General Manager, Dow AgroSciences (NZ) Limited


“You brought new insights to the methodology required to achieve a successful outcome … I am very grateful to you for your contribution”

Prof Alan Bond, Head of Chemistry, Monash University


“Your presentation of the workshop was first class. You very successfully combined the serious, informative part of the workshop with some light-hearted fun … thank you very much for making the workshop such a huge success.”

Dr Kathie McGregor, Secretary and Event Coordinator, WINC


"Your presence and your presentation enriched that wonderful brew of ideas and inspiration."

Helen Hancox, New Zealand


"Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of our 'Inspirations' seminar."

Laurie Smale, Melbourne


"Your talk was extremely interesting and helpful. A number of people approached me during the week and commented on how much they had benefited from your talk."

Robyn Green, Doncaster


"Her involvement guarantees positive results."

Nita Manning, Melbourne


"Kerrie is just so professional to work with."

Pam Roberts, Institution of Engineers, Australia


You can learn more about Kerrie Mullins-Gunst and the Leadership Skill Center by clicking here.


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Jenni Wright
Adelaide, Australia

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