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Useful Leadership Resources and Links


The following sites offer useful information and many free resources for leaders, mentors and managers keen to develop new skills:

KMG Consulting
KMG Consulting is our companion site with information about our full range of services plus extensive resources and information, often free.
leadership coaching club The Leadership Coaching Club is your fast-track to easy, effective and effortless leadership success. Sign up for priority notification of what's available for members.
Our Leadership Skill Center Online Courses area has courses and resources, including a number that are free for members. You can become a member for free.
Collect seven (7) fantastic free ebooks on business leadership and personal success, plus another free ebook each month at Hottest Ideas.
Leadership books and books for leaders
Search for leadership books and other products at Amazon.
Find out what day and time it is anywhere in the world. Great for planning meetings. Essential to check you are on your conference call at the right time.
Convert currency Convert any currency into any local currency so you know how much it really costs. (Remember that currencies fluctuate against each other so the true amount may vary.)
Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Free Memory Boost Course plus a Free Report - Top Seven Tips to Keep Your Memory in Tiptop Condition

Listen to Kerrie's podcast

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Grab a coffee and take ten minutes to listen to our latest tips and tools to help you mentor, manage and lead in the '4 Leaders' podcast.


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More good links and resources for leaders:

Business Simplification Some great advice from the author of Success with Simplicity, David Brewster for overcoming complexity and succeeding in business by keeping it simple.

Voice & Word Communication skills and speech coaching to help leaders get their message across.

Conversations Without Conflict Some helpful advice for negotiating some of those conversations we all have to have sometimes, but would prefer to avoid.

The Buzan Centre: Australia/NZ Tony Buzan's BrainFriendly processes can introduce you to the critical and essential concept of learning to learn. With this knowledge you will be able to achieve just about anything you set out to do!

Mindwerx International Following the path created by deliberate thinking explorers such as Edward de Bono, Tony Buzan, Ned Herrmann, Maxwell Maltz, Napoleon Hill and others, Mindwerx can help you think, learn and create.

The Office Organiser - Collect your free Report entitled "Little Known Secrets to Fast-track Your Way to Success” plus another 47 free How-To Reports that guarantee you’ll have less mess, less stress and more success.

SelfGrowth.com includes extensive information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help. While you are there have a look at all the bonus resources available for free with The Top 101 Self Improvement Experts - it may be all you need.

Productivity Coaching Club - How to be productive in business and still have a life!

Download Ten Free eBooks including one on The Secret to Winning.

How to Become a Better Leader - a Squidoo lens on leadership.

Australia's Leading Training Directory - the Australian Directory of Training and Workplace solutions.

Australian Directory of Training & Workplace Solutions - Ask for your free Solutions Guide and eBooks.

Organization Behavior & Organization Leadership - The Organizational Culture Center provides training in organizational behavior, development of organizational culture, leadership coaching, speaking and workshops, books, audio, video series and tutorials.

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Add audio to your website for FREE with Sonic Memo Lite or upgrade to the the full featured Sonic Memo that I use.

Automate your Seminar and Event Registrations quickly, easily and cheaply.

Offer online courses and lessons easily with EZ Lesson Manager.

Protect your online downloads with DLGuard.

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Buy dot com domain names for under $10 - and they offer free domain management tools.:

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