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Leading Well Audioseminars


"How to Make it Happen Now!"

Leadership expert
Kerrie Mullins-Gunst

with Business
Performance Strategist
Brad Tonini


Buy it now

Do you want to:

set and get goals that enable you, and your team, to achieve more in your business and personal life
work from goals that are both easy to get and worth getting
get what you deserve out of life
think bigger about what’s possible
ensure all your team are working from the same game plan
become a better decision-maker
avoid procrastination and bring some of those things that are haunting you to a successful conclusion
help others on your team to be more decisive and achieve your desired bottom line results?

Participants from across the globe raved about all the ideas, information and tips that were packed into this audioseminar. And now you can download and listen to the recording at a time and place that suits you.

You can enjoy management more while you accomplish even more by investing just an hour of your time in this special audioseminar.

You will discover:

How to get your focus right and work on your most important priorities with just “one hard thing” each day
When and why you need to stop procrastinating and take the “fork in the road”
The secret to how just a tiny percentage of your efforts can yield huge results
How to surprise yourself with bigger and better results by harnessing the magic of thinking big
How you can take control, pre-empt the future and get in front of the game with one simple adjustment to how you approach things
The single most important thing managers and leaders need to do regularly in order to make the quantum leap to better results and avoid the trap of only getting what you’ve always got in the past
The key to translating your organization’s vision and direction for your team so together you can make it happen!

Buy this audio recording now at this great price and you will also receive:

Your own fill-in-the-gaps Study Guide, specially written to complement the seminar and help you gain maximum value when you listen to it.

Remember when you buy this audioseminar you can download the file immediately to listen to it whenever it suits you on your mp3 player or on your computer.

Your Investment:

Great value at only $US37
(plus GST if you live in Australia)

Buy it now and you can listen now.


After you click the Order Now button and confirm your order, you will be taken to KMG Consulting's secure payment area (operated by PayPal) where you can use your credit card to pay quickly and safely.

mp3 audioleader and manager missionguarantee

PS. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns. You can buy now with complete security and peace of mind.

Click the button to BUY NOW.

Kind regards, Kerrie




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New Audioseminar

Now available for instant download:

The Art of Influence
- How to get what you want from people easily, and every time

with Paddy Spruce

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