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Teleseminar Tips and FAQs

Teleseminars are a fantastic and convenient way to learn.

There is no interstate travel or long commute to a central meeting location, no problem parking and no time out of your office, saving you both time and money.

You simply attend by telephone, calling in from any part of the world, where ever you may be located. They are incredibly cost-effective and time efficient, making them one of the most exciting new technology innovations ever.

As with any seminar there are a limited number of places (phone lines) available for each teleseminar, so you are advised to register early. You will receive confirmation of your registration and payment, plus all the information you need to participate, well before the event and you should contact us the day before if you have not.

Our teleseminars are hosted in the USA, which means it may be an international call, however you can participate for approximately $2 using a phone card from your local post office or newsagent or bought online. The call cost will then be automatically deducted from your phone card.

Click here for details of our next sceduled teleseminars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Teleseminar?

Teleseminars are just like any other seminar except they are run over the telephone so you can join in from literally anywhere in the world if you have a telephone.

What's so exciting about Teleseminars?

Teleseminars are one of the most exciting recent developments in technology because of the time and money they save YOU. That's right! You can learn the skills and information you need right from your office desk or the comfort of home just by dialling in to a teleseminar.

They are live, interactive seminars except anyone from anywhere can join in.

How do you 'attend' a Teleseminar?

Once you are registered for your teleseminar you will receive a telephone number to call at the appointed time, plus a special access code which allows you into the meeting area. Just make yourself a cup of coffee, get your pen and paper ready, shut the door and dial in. That's all.

What does it cost?

Just as with any seminar, there is usually a cost to attend a teleseminar and the cost may vary for different events.

In addition to the cost of your teleseminar registration, your phone company will charge you for the cost of your phone call while you are on the teleseminar. However, unlike other seminars you do not have to pay the cost of travel to the event or parking while you are there, nor do you have to waste time travelling.

To keep your telephone connection costs as low as possible we run our teleseminars through a company in the USA. Now we know that might seem strange from Australia, but by using inexpensive phone cards or other special rates such as those described below, we have found it to be cheaper than calling long distance across Australia!

Your connection cost using a phone card or special discount rate can be as low as 1¢ or 2¢ a minute. (see below) That adds up to less than you would expect to pay for parking, if you drove to a seminar.

What if I'm somewhere else overseas or travelling? Can I still join in?

Yes, you call the same line as people in the USA or Australia. You just register as usual and pay your own long distance charges. You can get very inexpensive rates and phone cards in many countries. You will need to double check what time you should call from wherever you are, according to your new time zone.

How do I get the time and date right?

If you don't get the time and date right, nothing much else will matter! To make sure you have the right day and time visit

time zone converter

We are based in Melbourne, Australia so if you are not calling from there you should double check both the time and the day of the week to make sure you don't miss the teleseminar. Don't forget that various parts of the world have summer or daylight-saving times and when it's Friday in Melbourne it may be only Thursday in New York.

Call in two or three minutes early, before the teleseminar is due to start, as we will start on time. Dial the number and enter your special access code when you are prompted to do so. You will hear it it ring and then you will hear others who are already 'there' talking.

If you are first to arrive, the line may just ring or you may hear music until someone else calls in, so hold on the line and wait.

If the teleseminar has already started when you call, just listen in. There is no need to interrupt or say anything, until you are invited to do so.

How do I get full value?

Our teleseminars are not just casual chats, but structured learning experiences. To get full value you need to be fully present and focussed on the information and discussion.

Schedule uninterrupted time, just as if you had to go somewhere else for a regular seminar or meeting. Do not be tempted to multi-task while on the call. You can't expect to take in what is being presented if you are distracted or trying to do something else during the call.

Listen carefully, pay attention, take lots of notes and have fun. Teleseminars are a great way to learn!

Teleseminar etiquette - Who speaks when?

Your teleseminar presenter will lead the class and explain the structure at the start. You may be invited to ask questions or contribute your thoughts, but please don't interrupt unless you are invited. When you do speak it is helpful if you introduce yourself saying something like 'This is Sam from Chicago'. Try to be brief and to the point when you do speak.

Sometimes your teleseminar presenter may ask you a question by name. If for any reason you do not wish to answer that's OK. Just say 'Pass' and they will move on.

If you need another participant to repeat or clarify a comment please go through the teleseminar leader to avoid disrupting the flow of the class with cross-talk.

What about noise on a teleseminar call?

Any background noise during a teleseminar will be clearly heard by everyone on the call, so please call from a quiet place and use your telephone's mute button when possible. Dogs barking, babies crying, trucks and traffic passing, keyboards clicking and other telephones ringing all create intrusive and distracting noise on a teleseminar call.

If you breathe heavily (and many people do when they are focused on listening on the phone) or wear a telephone headset, the noise can also be very distracting for others so we ask you to mute your phone or hold the telephone mouthpiece well away from your mouth and nose, unless you are speaking.

So, as a courtesy to all on the teleseminar, we ask you just to be as quiet as possible. Let others at your office know that you are not to be disturbed, turn off your other phone, shut the door and minimise noise and distractions as much as possible.

It's also a good idea to disable call waiting and use your mute button when you aren't speaking. If your phone doesn't have a mute button entering *6 (press the * key followed by 6) will often mute or unmute your call.

What if something goes wrong?

If you can't connect into the teleseminar there are three things which may have happened. Either you may have dialled the wrong number or you may have the wrong time or the teleseminar lines may all be full. Calling in early is the best way to make sure you get a line on the call.

Check the telephone number and secure access code on the confirmation message which was sent to you and redial. If it still doesn't connect, check the time and date at http://www.timezoneconverter.com to make sure you haven't made an error.

If you get a busy signal it may mean that you have misdialled the phone number or access code. Check the numbers and dial again. If you are unable to get on the call, contact us to let us know as soon as possible. (But bear in mind that we will be unable to reply until later!)

What other problems might occur?

Most teleseminars go smoothly, with no problems.

Rarely, some phones can cause noise or feedback during a teleseminar. If they don't work effectively enough to make it enjoyable for you and others on the call, or if we hear your phone interfering with the call you might be asked to hang up and dial in again, preferably with another phone.

Speakerphones can be distracting because of background noise and can be unclear if you are too far from the microphone, making it difficult for others to hear you. If you use a speakerphone, please mute your voice (*6) while you listen and remember you may need to swap to a handset when you wish to speak.

Mobile or cell phones, and computer/internet telephony can sometimes cause problems, although they are rapidly improving.

If your line drops out or you are having problems with your phone, it may be better to hang up and quickly call in again from another phone so you don't miss much of the call.

How do I find a discount Phone card?

Here are some starting points for phone cards if you are in the main English speaking countries:

Australia - For prices as low as 2¢ per min http://www.phonecardselector.com.au/store/customer/home.php or http://www.phonecardpoint.com.au

Canada - Sprint offers a $30 for 500 minutes plan or phone cards are available from http://www.1st4phonecards.com/callcalc.htm

United Kingdom - For just 2p per minute to the USA http://www.18866.co.uk/ or http://www.1st4phonecards.com/callcalc.htm - a selection of very affordable calling cards.

USA - Just dial 1010987 before the number - 3¢ per min + 39¢ connection fee. Or a card that charges 1¢ per minute: http://www.pennytalk.com

For other countries, try http://www.1st4phonecards.com/callcalc.htm or keep searching the Internet.

If you discover other good discount rates, please let me know and I will add them for others to use.

(Please note: these details are listed as examples for your information only. They are all provided by other companies and we have no control over them, so please check the current rates, and that they suit your purpose, before you buy one.)

How do I know what phone number to call?

You will be sent a registration email which includes both the number to dial and your access code to get into the right teleseminar, after you register.

If you are using a phone card, you should start by following the specific instructions for that card and make susre you have your registration email ready so you can dial the teleseminar number when you are told to enter the number you wish to call.

Unless you are calling from within the USA, you will need to dial an international access code (0011 if you are in Australia) plus a country code of 1 for the USA before the 10 digit phone number that was sent to you.

Once you are connected, you will be asked to enter the access PIN that was sent in your registration email. When you join us, please say hello and tell us your name and where you are calling from (unless the seminar has already started).

Are the calls recorded?

Yes. Please be aware that our teleseminars may be recorded for later sale or distribution. By participating in our teleseminars you give your consent for this recording.

If you reveal sensitive information, you may be sharing it with the whole world. But you wouldn't normally do that in any room full of strangers, would you?

Do you have any teleseminars scheduled soon?

You will find details of forthcoming teleseminars when you click here.




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