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A Special Message for You

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Thankyou for being a part of our 2009.

Season's Greetings

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

We hope you have a good break over Christmas and the new year and look forward to working with you again throughout 2010.

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2010, that we can’t wait to tell you all about.

Christmas greetings

Monday, December 1st, 2008

And I’ve left a whole bundle of gifts for you “under the tree” down at the bottom of the page here:

Do you work with younger staff?

Monday, September 8th, 2008

One of the most requested items from a recent survey I ran was for more information on how to motivate and manage Generation X and Y workers. So if that is one of your concerns as a leader and manager, you’ll be pleased to know we will be publishing something on that very soon.

As always, our aim is to produce practical and to-the-point quick action guides, rather than comprehensive tomes that no one has time to read. But I still want to ensure we cover everything YOU want.

So please do me a quick favor and take two minutes now to to tell me exactly what you want to know and I’ll make sure we include it.

All you need to do is reply to this email and let me know things like:
* what challenges you have working with Generation X and Y workers, and
* what you would like included…

If you would also like to share what you find works best or why you need to know about this topic that would be fine too.

Your reply doesn’t need to be long. Just a quick comment will help and then I can be sure you get the most helpful and useful guide we can produce.

Please take a moment now and tell me exactly what you want to know about managing and motivating Generation X and Y workers.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


PS. Members of the Leadership Coaching Club have recently been discovering things like:
• The Five Fundamental Ways to Please Your Boss
• What Everybody Ought to Know About How to Be Stress Free
• Management Leadership – How to Turn Problems to Profits
• The 4 Hour Work Week
• Achieving Great Results … and more
If you’re not a member yet you can join now at:

Winners Leaders and a Consolation Prize

Monday, May 19th, 2008

To celebrate the launch of the Leadership Coaching Club – and my 15th business birthday – we recently gave away two memberships of the Leadership Coaching Club.

To find out who the winners were – and collect your free consolation prize if it wasn’t you – please visit

If you have ever felt life was getting out of control for leaders and managers in organizations today, you will really appreciate your consolation prize – free, for you just for visiting the Leadership Skill Center blog.

That link again:

And remember if you haven’t joined the Leadership Coaching Club yet, it is never too late. Every week there is more and more value added. Don’t delay. Join now at

Oh, and if you are already a member of the Leadership Coaching Club, you will find this – along with lots of other bonuses – in the Free Ebooks section inside the members area. You can login at

So was I a Fool?

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Tuesday next week is an important date – for me and I hope for you. You see, on April 1st, fifteen years ago I launched my own business as KMG Consulting in a very off-line world.  It took me a long time to admit to anyone that I started out on April Fool’s Day!  And, at the time there were some people who thought I was a fool for going out on my own.  A lot has changed since then.

But now 15 years later things are better than ever and KMG Consulting is still going strong – I think it’s time to celebrate!  

So, this is no joke!  Next Tuesday will be the official launch of the Leadership Coaching Club with special bonuses and even a special price that you can lock in for as long as you remain a member, and more…

I’m just finalizing the sales letter, some extra Core Modules that are yet to be added and a special Bonus Pack now.  So watch out for all the details early next week.  I know you are going to love everything that’s included.  

It will be great value at the regular price, but to celebrate my 15th business birthday, if you are quick you’ll get an unbelievable special deal. 

Some of you have been my clients, friends and supporters since way back then, so I am determined to show you how much I appreciate you.  Watch out for more details soon.  

Kind regards, Kerrie

PS.  If you just can’t wait, you can have a sneak peek here – but remember there’s even more to come soon – 



“Knowledge and human power are synonymous.”Francis Bacon


The Leading Well Bottom Line:  

You don’t have to do it all on your own.  Join us in the Leadership Coaching Club and leverage off all the wisdom, insight and experience of dozens of guest experts, other participants and your mentor Kerrie Mullins-Gunst. See for details of our special early bird offer.  And of course, all our early-bird members will get all the special bonuses when they are ready! 

My tenth birthday

Monday, February 18th, 2008

I have been working so hard on developing the Leadership Coaching Club I’ve been a little remiss in posting to this blog recently, and even sending out Leading Well, however I can’t let today pass without sharing the importance of this day.

KMG Consulting ten years ago

Today, February 18th 2008 marks exactly ten years since KMG Consulting joined the internet age.  

That first website at looked very different from what you will see today.  (Maybe you even remember it? – If you do, a big Thank you for your support over the past ten years!)

Nowdays it is expected that any serious business will have a website.  But 1998 was a time when there were only about 2.5 million other websites in the whole world, so it was pretty fancy! 

No one knows how many sites there are today.  Some sources say there may be up to 550,000,000,000 with 7.3 million new pages added every day.  I certainly have many more websites now, as you probably know.  But that one was the first one for me so I wanted to share it’s tenth birthday with you.  

While the kittens sleep…

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Hi there and welcome back for another year.  

If you’ve been lucky enough to have had holidays we hope you feel refreshed and ready for all of the exciting things we have planned for you this year.  We’re determined to make sure 2008 is just great!

Since the last issue of Leading Well our family has had two new additions … kittens called Smokey and Izzy who are (for the moment anyway) curled up asleep and looking adorable just beside the chaos they created moments ago when they were playing with anything in reach.  The brief moment of peace and quiet gives me a chance to let you know about two important things that really can’t wait:


The Leadership Coaching Club is just about ready to launch and if you are at all interested in joining, you really must make sure your name is on the advance notification list so you get to hear first when it is launched.  This is the only way you will be able to take advantage of the early-bird special offers.  There’s no obligation, and I’m sure you will regret it if you miss out.  Register here:

Setting up the Leadership Coaching Club has been a lot of work, but I have to say it is looking great and I think you will be really pleased with the way it helps you each month to become even more effective as a leader and manager.  


As well as finalizing the Leadership Coaching Club, we have been hard at work on several other projects that I can’t wait to share with you over the next few weeks.  

And one of them is ready for you right now …

We appreciate that not everyone learns in the same way.  Some people like to read to understand information – and that’s how much leadership information is presented.  However, other people prefer to learn by listening or watching.  So we wanted to help those of you who prefer to learn about leadership and management in this way by offering you some useful videos.  

But not just one or two leadership videos!  

We have drawn together the largest collection of leadership and management videos from all over the internet and added it to the Leadership Skill Center so you can access them easily all in one place at any time.  

It’s an amazing collection, with contributions from a myriad of different sources and freely available for anyone at right now!  If you can’t find some useful videos here, I’ll be amazed.  

Have a look and let us know what you think.  

Kind regards, Kerrie

PS. Here are those links again: For the Leadership Coaching Club pre-launch registration: 

For the largest collection of leadership and management videos: 

New Online Courses – Free

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Recently some people have had difficulty logging in to their Leadership Skill Center members account because of some problems with the system managing the Online Courses delivery.

To overcome these problems we have completely rebuilt the members area and I hope you will find it works much more smoothly than the previous one.

You will find the new Online Courses area at

A number of different courses and other resources are already available there, all of which are free. We will be adding more courses soon.

To access these courses all you need to do is create a new (free) login account and you will be emailed your access details immediately.

Please create your new account as soon as possible, as the old courses area will shortly be removed. Your free courses, eBooks and resources will be available to you as soon as you login.

Looking forward to seeing you in the new Online Courses area soon.

Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Well, here it is! One of the top three products requested by the hundreds of people who did my recent quick survey:

“Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory – A Guide for Leaders and Managers”

I have to say this is an area that I personally struggle with, so I was quite pleased that your survey encouraged me to investigate this important leadership skill. And I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the results.

If you are at all like me, life just seems to get busier and busier. There are so many things to be done and even more that need to be remembered.

It’s so easy to forget the little things you meant to do, the name of that new customer you met last week, all those appointments and phone numbers, who agreed to do what after last month’s meeting and all the other things that help us to manage effortlessly.

No matter how good a leader or manager you are, when you forget the face of that client you’ve been calling for weeks or the place you were meant to be meeting your key supplier, it’s not just embarrassing, it could be career limiting!

Yet some people seem to be able to remember such things easily.

Was there a secret? I decided to find out. Because if there was, I wanted to know it!

Well the answer is Yes!

You can improve your memory and it isn’t that hard.

Imagine if you could easily remember all those key details that currently slip your mind. What if you were known for never forgetting a face? or a birthday? or a place?

There are even a few simple tools and techniques that you can learn in minutes and start applying immediately that will improve your memory.

Click this link for all the details of “Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory”:

To thank you and everyone who took the time to reply to my quick survey I have a special reduced price available, but only for a limited time. The price will be increasing sometime in the next couple of days. If you get in early you will not only get the lowest price, but you will be able to collect some special extra bonuses.

Whether you want to buy or not, please have a look at the details of this ebook – you may even know someone else who would be interested in it – but for everyone who looks at this page now
I have also left you a free gift: The Memory Boost MiniCourse.

FREE Memory Boost MiniCourse
In it you will learn:
* how to remember lists
* an interesting way to remember people’s faces
* how to overcome forgetfulness
* the impact of overlearning
* how your memory works, and more…

It’s yours FREE just for having a look at “Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory”. I hope you enjoy it.

Kind regards, Kerrie

PS. Don’t forget that link again:

Exciting news

Friday, May 11th, 2007

This is just a quick note to share some exciting news that explains why you haven’t heard from me for a bit.

Finally, after 2 years and 3 months of demolishing and rebuilding, we are in the midst of moving, unpacking and settling into our brand new house and office…

As soon as I get a chance I will share a very special way you can celebrate with us, so check back here or watch your email over the next couple of days.

Kind regards, Kerrie

PS. Don’t forget to watch out for your next message from me soon, so you can join in the celebrations.

Free Teleseminar on Constructive Feedback

Friday, November 17th, 2006

You are invited to a free live teleseminar with Kerrie Mullins-Gunst and Jennifer McCoy on How to give feedback constructively, even when someone’s done something wrong.

You won’t want to miss this if you want to:

* work more effectively with staff
* handle difficult employees and reduce conflict sensitively
* build staff confidence
* turn staff into a team
* be confident staff won’t keep you awake at nights.

Here is a free opportunity for you as a subscriber to Leading Well, to develop your leadership skills. You can discover How to give feedback constructively, even when someone’s done something wrong by investing just an hour of your time in this special teleseminar.

Here are the details:

TOPIC: How to give feedback constructively, even when someone’s done something wrong

Presented by Leadership expert, Kerrie Mullins-Gunst, with author of “2 Way Feedback”, Jennifer McCoy.

DETAILS: You can attend this teleseminar without even leaving the comfort of your chair. Teleseminars are the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to develop all the skills you need to mentor, manage and lead!

All you have to do is call in to the teleseminar by telephone from wherever you are located. Join us, as our guest at this teleseminar, and you will discover:

* Why you really must invest your time in giving feedback
* The magic formula for making your feedback constructive
* The secret to confronting difficult situations before they explode
* How to be assertive and avoid getting into excuses when you are giving feedback
* How you can use feedback to modify behavior
* When you can give feedback to your whole team and when it should be given just to individuals
* The three critical feedback mistakes you absolutely must avoid or your feedback will do more harm than good.

DATE AND TIME: In Australia/Victoria: Tues 28 November 06 at 10.00 am

DATE AND TIME: In USA/Los Angeles: Mon 27 November 06 at 3.00 pm

You can use the TimeZone Converter to confirm your exact time and date at your location.
Mark this date in your diary now!

DURATION: The teleseminar will last for between 60 and 75 minutes.

COST: Complimentary for our Leading Well subscribers ($37 value). Be our guest! Register now and discover: How to give feedback constructively, even when someone’s done something wrong.

Register immediately to secure your place and receive your login instructions. You will also receive Leading Well with a bonus Top Leadership Tips Workbook from Kerrie, plus Jennifer McCoy’s newsletter, if you don’t already subscribe.

I hope you can join us for a great teleseminar. I know you’ll be sorry if you don’t.

Kind regards, Kerrie

P.S. If you are at all interested in knowing How to give feedback constructively, even when someone’s done something wrong then book your spot NOW. You can use a cheap Phonecard to dial in to the teleseminar.

Leadership Coaching Club survey

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey for the exciting next phase of the Leadership Coaching Club” target=”_blank” href=””>Leadership Coaching Club. I was overwhelmed by your enthusiastic and helpful suggestions.

Despite the short timeline 112 of you responded from five continents. If you provided your email address you should have received instructions for how to download your gift. Please let me know if you didn’t and I will resend it.

We are still analyzing all your ideas, but a couple of things stand out.

First, we get the message that you want practical and useful info and and you want everything to be quick and easy to use. We understand that you are busy and don’t want to be overwhelmed with information or academic details.

Second, people thought that it would be reasonable to pay anywhere up to $87 per month for membership, although others were keen to see a lower cost option so we will do our best to ensure that you are happy with the cost.

Several people were very keen on a lower cost for annual rather than monthly membership, which was something I hadn’t considered, so I really appreciated that idea. A number of people wanted us to include discounts on the 10 Week Intensive or our other programs or products to help justify being a member – either to themself or to their boss.

You had many other suggestions that were helpful and we really appreciate you advice. Thanks again and watch out for more details soon.

Leadership Coaching Club Questions Answered

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Someone just asked me what this Leadership Coaching Club” href=””>Leadership Coaching Club 10 Week Intensive was all about, so I obviously haven’t done a very good job of explaining it to you.

I’m sorry! I’m just so excited about it, it’s easy to forget that you don’t have all the details that I do! So, let me try to explain it to you a little better.

Over a period of ten weeks I will coach you through a special process to boost your skills in each of the five key areas that really great leaders focus on. They are:
1. Gathering support
2. Setting direction
3. Getting your message across
4. Getting things done, and
5. Getting results.

The way this works is, each week for the ten weeks, everyone calls into a special phone number to join a conference call for about an hour’s intensive work in one specific area. (If you ever need to miss a call, these are recorded for you to listen to later, but you should aim to participate in all the calls to get your full value.)

To participate, all you need is a phone. You don’t have to be connected to the internet at the same time.

You can phone in from anywhere you happen to be at the set time. This is very convenient if you travel a lot, or if you are located a long way from those places where most leadership programs are run. (The special phone number you call is in the USA so many people use a cheap phone card or even something like Skype to keep the cost of their phone calls low. But so long as you have a phone and you can call the USA with it, you can participate in all the calls.)

In addition to these calls, you have access to the Leadership Coaching Club private online learning area. This is a cutting edge online learning environment which is also used by some of the top universities around the world.

It allows us to offer you special access to helpful resources and useful information, including learning guides, activities and exercises that walk you step-by-step through the course ensuring you stay focussed and results-oriented every step of the way. You can access this anytime you have an internet connection. You can leave messages, ask additional questions, download the course materials, listen to recordings of earlier calls and interact with other course participants.

As your course mentor and coach, I am there to help you every step of the way. I am available to you personally throughout the entire ten week course. You can email me, call me or leave a private message on the online Forum at any time, to follow up any special issues or concerns you want to discuss either in the group or personally.

In addition, the number of people on the program is restricted to a small group, to ensure you get personal attention and make sure your needs are met throughout the course.

It’s a great program. Amazingly convenient, yet powerful. If you lead or manage people and you are ready to move to the next level, you owe it to yourself to join us in September.

Some other questions people have asked:

Q. How much time does it take each week to do the course?

A. To get maximum value out of the program you will need to allow some time to think about what we discuss on the calls, and to do some follow-up work, plus the hour or so to participate in the calls each week. So you should allow two to three hours most weeks. But you are in charge of exactly what you do and how long it takes you.

As your mentor and coach, I will help you decide on exactly what you want to achieve over the ten weeks, and show you the easiest way you can do it. You will not be inundated with reading material and information you don’t have time to look at, but there are plenty of useful resources like checklists, helpful tools and practical tips that will help you get great value from the program.

Q. Does it really work?

A. Well Yes! You can become a better leader and manager in just ten weeks – or it’s free!

It’s not that all the problems and challenges which are a part of leading and managing people magically disappear. They don’t. But you will know the best way to tackle them. You will know exactly what to focus on and how to do it. So instead of feeling drained and exhausted at the end of your day’s work you will be energized and satisfied knowing just how much you have accomplished. When you know exactly what to do, your enthusiasm is refreshed and everyone around you is revitalized and stimulated by your energy and motivation. Leading people can be easy when you know how!

We’re so confident of this, we guarantee your satisfaction. Register for it. Join in the teleseminars. Explore hundreds of tips and useful ideas. Print out and complete the workbooks. Test the concepts. Implement the strategies. Then decide. Anytime over the next year – 12 full months – if you are not totally satisfied that the information in this leadership coaching program is worth much more than the price you paid, just contact us to receive a full 100% refund! You have an entire year – risk free – to decide.

Q. When does the next Leadership Coaching Club 10 Week Intensive start?

A. Our next 10 Week Intensive starts in the second week of September 2006. Weekly teleseminar dates and times will vary according to exactly where you are located and whether daylight saving is or is not in force. You can download the full teleseminar schedule here.

The teleseminars are scheduled for Tuesday evenings (USA time – starting September 12) or the following Wednesday mornings (Australian time – starting September 13). Should you ever need to miss a teleseminar they are recorded and made available for you through our private online learning area.

Q. Do you offer a discount for groups?

A. Yes, we do. Talk to us. We offer both customized programs for corporate groups (ideal for companies with management teams spread over multiple locations) and discounts for multiple bookings from the same organization. Please contact us by email or on 61-3-9859 3924 for more details.

Q. I am in HR and I would like to know more about the program to see if our company might use it in future?

A. Please contact us by email or on 61-3-9859 3924 for more details. I am sure we can help you.

Q. Are there any bonuses?

A. Oh alright! In addition to everything that’s already included, if you register right away, you can have special access to three bonus audioseminars with leading experts on management, productivity and communication. That’s fantastic value alone.

But seriously, this is a great program, designed for everyone who ever wanted to come to my Mentor Magicâ„¢ programs but couldn’t make it to Melbourne for all the seminars. And at a third of the cost!

If you are serious about taking your leadership to the next level, you can’t afford to miss it.

Call me on 61-3-9859 3924 to discuss it further or you can sign up online now.

To recap:
* Download the schedule
* Download the registration form
* Or register online

And yes! There is a installment plan if you don’t want to pay the full amount up front.

Hope that helps. I’d love to see you join us in September.

Kind regards, Kerrie

PS Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might be looking for a great program to help them take their leadership skills to the next level. I’m sure they will thank you.

New leadership articles available

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Visit the Free articles area of the Leadership Skill Center to see new articles for leaders that have been added recently.

Leadership Coaching Club 10 Week Intensive

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Some exciting news: Announcing our new Leadership Coaching Club 10 Week Intensive.

At last a leadership program for you – wherever you are located. If you ever wanted to do our live Mentor Magic leadership development program but couldn’t get to the venue or to Melbourne (or even to Australia) for the seminars, now you can take the fast-track to easy, effective and effortless leadership success with our new Leadership Coaching Club 10 Week Intensive. You can join in by phone from the comfort of your own office or armchair, where ever in the world you might be!

No Travel! No Hotels! No Hassles! Starting soon!

Because we are so excited there’s an amazing super-special introductory rate, but it won’t last long. Don’t miss out. Register now. Before the price rise to the full program fee (which is still great value for everything you receive).

Putting this program together has been a major project for many months now and I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be sharing it with you. It’s going to be a great program and I know you’ll get great value from your participation in it.

Join us in September for your fast-track to easy, effective and effortless leadership success.

Kind regards, Kerrie