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Answers to frequently asked questions on leading, managing and mentoring

Annual membership of Leadership Coaching Club

As the financial year draws to a close for us Aussies, I have been asked about the possibility of annual rather than monthly subscriptions to the Leadership Coaching Club.

So the answer is Yes!

If you would prefer an annual membership, you can join now for a year and save. Decide whether you would prefer an annual or monthly subscription and join today at

For more details about the Leadership Coaching Club visit:

(If you are already a monthly member and wish to change over to an annual subscription, just let me know and I will change it over for you.)

Leadership Coaching Club Questions Answered

Someone just asked me what this Leadership Coaching Club 10 Week Intensive was all about, so I obviously haven’t done a very good job of explaining it to you.

I’m sorry! I’m just so excited about it, it’s easy to forget that you don’t have all the details that I do! So, let me try to explain it to you a little better.

Over a period of ten weeks I will coach you through a special process to boost your skills in each of the five key areas that really great leaders focus on. They are:
1. Gathering support
2. Setting direction
3. Getting your message across
4. Getting things done, and
5. Getting results.

The way this works is, each week for the ten weeks, everyone calls into a special phone number to join a conference call for about an hour’s intensive work in one specific area. (If you ever need to miss a call, these are recorded for you to listen to later, but you should aim to participate in all the calls to get your full value.)

To participate, all you need is a phone. You don’t have to be connected to the internet at the same time.

You can phone in from anywhere you happen to be at the set time. This is very convenient if you travel a lot, or if you are located a long way from those places where most leadership programs are run. (The special phone number you call is in the USA so many people use a cheap phone card or even something like Skype to keep the cost of their phone calls low. But so long as you have a phone and you can call the USA with it, you can participate in all the calls.)

In addition to these calls, you have access to the Leadership Coaching Club private online learning area. This is a cutting edge online learning environment which is also used by some of the top universities around the world.

It allows us to offer you special access to helpful resources and useful information, including learning guides, activities and exercises that walk you step-by-step through the course ensuring you stay focussed and results-oriented every step of the way. You can access this anytime you have an internet connection. You can leave messages, ask additional questions, download the course materials, listen to recordings of earlier calls and interact with other course participants.

As your course mentor and coach, I am there to help you every step of the way. I am available to you personally throughout the entire ten week course. You can email me, call me or leave a private message on the online Forum at any time, to follow up any special issues or concerns you want to discuss either in the group or personally.

In addition, the number of people on the program is restricted to a small group, to ensure you get personal attention and make sure your needs are met throughout the course.

It’s a great program. Amazingly convenient, yet powerful. If you lead or manage people and you are ready to move to the next level, you owe it to yourself to join us in September.

Some other questions people have asked:

Q. How much time does it take each week to do the course?

A. To get maximum value out of the program you will need to allow some time to think about what we discuss on the calls, and to do some follow-up work, plus the hour or so to participate in the calls each week. So you should allow two to three hours most weeks. But you are in charge of exactly what you do and how long it takes you.

As your mentor and coach, I will help you decide on exactly what you want to achieve over the ten weeks, and show you the easiest way you can do it. You will not be inundated with reading material and information you don’t have time to look at, but there are plenty of useful resources like checklists, helpful tools and practical tips that will help you get great value from the program.

Q. Does it really work?

A. Well Yes! You can become a better leader and manager in just ten weeks – or it’s free!

It’s not that all the problems and challenges which are a part of leading and managing people magically disappear. They don’t. But you will know the best way to tackle them. You will know exactly what to focus on and how to do it. So instead of feeling drained and exhausted at the end of your day’s work you will be energized and satisfied knowing just how much you have accomplished. When you know exactly what to do, your enthusiasm is refreshed and everyone around you is revitalized and stimulated by your energy and motivation. Leading people can be easy when you know how!

We’re so confident of this, we guarantee your satisfaction. Register for it. Join in the teleseminars. Explore hundreds of tips and useful ideas. Print out and complete the workbooks. Test the concepts. Implement the strategies. Then decide. Anytime over the next year – 12 full months – if you are not totally satisfied that the information in this leadership coaching program is worth much more than the price you paid, just contact us to receive a full 100% refund! You have an entire year – risk free – to decide.

Q. When does the next Leadership Coaching Club 10 Week Intensive start?

A. Our next 10 Week Intensive starts in the second week of September 2006. Weekly teleseminar dates and times will vary according to exactly where you are located and whether daylight saving is or is not in force. You can download the full teleseminar schedule here.

The teleseminars are scheduled for Tuesday evenings (USA time – starting September 12) or the following Wednesday mornings (Australian time – starting September 13). Should you ever need to miss a teleseminar they are recorded and made available for you through our private online learning area.

Q. Do you offer a discount for groups?

A. Yes, we do. Talk to us. We offer both customized programs for corporate groups (ideal for companies with management teams spread over multiple locations) and discounts for multiple bookings from the same organization. Please contact us by email or on 61-3-9859 3924 for more details.

Q. I am in HR and I would like to know more about the program to see if our company might use it in future?

A. Please contact us by email or on 61-3-9859 3924 for more details. I am sure we can help you.

Q. Are there any bonuses?

A. Oh alright! In addition to everything that’s already included, if you register right away, you can have special access to three bonus audioseminars with leading experts on management, productivity and communication. That’s fantastic value alone.

But seriously, this is a great program, designed for everyone who ever wanted to come to my Mentor Magicâ„¢ programs but couldn’t make it to Melbourne for all the seminars. And at a third of the cost!

If you are serious about taking your leadership to the next level, you can’t afford to miss it.

Call me on 61-3-9859 3924 to discuss it further or you can sign up online now.

To recap:
* Download the schedule
* Download the registration form
* Or register online

And yes! There is a installment plan if you don’t want to pay the full amount up front.

Hope that helps. I’d love to see you join us in September.

Kind regards, Kerrie

PS Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might be looking for a great program to help them take their leadership skills to the next level. I’m sure they will thank you.

School and Industry Leadership

A visitor to my website, recently asked me a good question and I thought you might like to hear my answer. Ange asked:

“I teach leadership to secondary students. Can I take that knowledge to industry?”

I guess the answer is somewhere in between Yes, No and It Depends!

The fundamental principles of leadership that you are presumably teaching your secondary students will still apply and translate well into industry (- so Yes).

However, in my experience (I was a chemistry teacher many years ago) adults are very sensitive to anything that seems to be school related so you will need to develop quite different examples and explanations to the ones that you use with your students and that may be difficult for you if you do not have industry, business or office experience (- so No).

Thirdly, industry and business leaders who want to learn about leadership will usually seek out people who have actually held leadership positions themselves, rather than those who just know about leadership but have never really applied what they know. So It Depends – on whether you have actually lead a business, group or team, and can demonstrate the success you have had as a leader.

A really good first step is to volunteer to join the board or management group of a charity or community group and apply what you know there. That will enable you to recognize some of the gaps that exist between knowing about something and being able to put it into effect. And the end of the day that’s what people really want to know about – How to do it! And that’s one of the big things we look at in the Leadership Coaching Club which starts in mid September.


If you have a leadership question you want to ask, you can Ask it here.

How can I motivate my staff to better results?

One of the simplest ways to motivate people to better results, is to believe in them.

If you are sure that they know exactly what needs to be done, and how to do it properly to the standard you require, you should have confidence they will complete the task properly.

So demonstrate your confidence in them by what you do and what you say. Say you are available if needed, but don’t peer over their shoulders looking to find fault.

Help build their confidence by having confidence in them.

I want a mentor

Q. How can I convince my company to find me a mentor?

A. If you ask the right people it will help.

Start by talking to your Human Resources department, as well as your supervisor, about all the benefits of mentoring, not only to you personally, but to the company. Even if they do not want to set up a company-wide mentoring program they may be willing to help you identify and approach someone suitable to mentor you.

Print off a copy of my article on Seven Good Reasons Why You Should Set Up a Mentoring Program Now to take with you when you go to talk to them. You could even leave a few copies of it lying around where it can be seen by others.

If that doesn’t work you may find it is more productive to take responsibility for finding your own mentor outside your workplace.

You will get lots of ideas about how mentoring works as well as how to find your own mentor from my free ten week Secrets of Mentoring eCourse if you sign up for it.

Changing motivations

Q. My biggest challenge is to keep staff motivated and enthusiastic in times of rapid change and increased workload. How can I do it?

A. In times like this it is really important – and valuable – to share your vision.

It’s your vision of a better future that motivates and inspires people to work as hard as it takes to change what needs to change and realize your vision.

So make your vision meaningful, inspirational and consistently clear.

Take every opportunity to demonstrate your own enthusiasm for the way things will be when the vision is real.

If you aren’t clear on your vision this would be a great time to bring in an external facilitator to help you build a vision which motivates, clarifies and inspires the commitment of your whole team to achieving it.

You can download a free Facilitation Fact Sheet here.


Q. How can I get people to do the boring detail stuff that just has to be done?

A. This is one of those questions I am often asked. It must be the bane of many a manager or team leader.

One of the best ways is to set clear performance targets.

Why? It needs to be perfectly clear that these tasks are not optional extras but a core part of people’s jobs.

So clarify exactly who is responsible for doing what and when.

Start by establishing (or reviewing) written position descriptions and key performance indicators, then insist on regular reporting of results against these and remember to recognize and reward good performance.

You might also like to read an article called ‘Getting what needs to be done, done’ that I wrote a while back for my ezine, Leading Well. The article outlines seven things I suggest you focus on when you need to overcome someone’s reluctance to do a task which is part of their role.

You will find many more helpful ideas when you collect your free Top Leadership Tips Workbook when you sign up for Leading Well.

I feel like a nag!

Q. Sometimes I feel as though no one does anything I ask until I nag them. I’m starting to feel like my mother must have. What can I do?

A. Maybe they don’t understand why you want them to do the task you are assigning to them so they are focused on completing the tasks they think are more important.

If you explain the purpose behind each of the tasks you assign you will see that people are much less resistant to doing them.

Have a look at my article on The Leadership Power of Purpose for more details of how this works plus some examples.

Managing change

Q. What can I do to manage change where staff are not used to change and are fearful of it, believing every rumour and having no trust in management?

A. Help them trust you.

Until you can build their trust in you they will continue to resist any change you propose.

So give them as many reasons to trust you as you can.

  • Do what you say you will do.
  • Communicate openly and honestly about what will change and how.
  • Point out the things that will NOT change as well as what will be different.
  • If you don’t know something, say so.
  • Be consistent and demonstrate your own openness to change.

And brush up on your change management skills. A training program such as the Successful Change Management seminar I offer with Paddy Spruce may be what you need.