Browse Month: November 2005


Q. How can I get people to do the boring detail stuff that just has to be done?

A. This is one of those questions I am often asked. It must be the bane of many a manager or team leader.

One of the best ways is to set clear performance targets.

Why? It needs to be perfectly clear that these tasks are not optional extras but a core part of people’s jobs.

So clarify exactly who is responsible for doing what and when.

Start by establishing (or reviewing) written position descriptions and key performance indicators, then insist on regular reporting of results against these and remember to recognize and reward good performance.

You might also like to read an article called ‘Getting what needs to be done, done’ that I wrote a while back for my ezine, Leading Well. The article outlines seven things I suggest you focus on when you need to overcome someone’s reluctance to do a task which is part of their role.

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