Browse Month: April 2006

Leadership articles added

Articles on the different roles leaders need to play, Leadership Role Playing, and the different ways people approach change, Managing Change by Choice, Chance or Crisis, have been added to the Free articles section of the Leadership Skill Center website.

Have a look at the other free articles and information for leaders, mentors and managers while you are there.

Office 2006 Expo

Great news!

Along with three of Australia’s finest seminar presenters, Paddy Spruce, Winston Marsh and Helen Macdonald, I will be presenting seminars on leadership and mentoring at the International Expo on Office Products and Services, Office 2006. It will be held from 21-23 May at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (Australia).

We have put together a fantastic program of free seminars so I hope you can call in and take advantage of this opportunity. If you pre-register online you can even save yourself the $15 entry to the Expo.

Do come up and say Hello to me when you are there.

“Clear structure” Quote

“True freedom is not the absence of structure – letting employees go off and do whatever they want – but rather a clear structure that enables people to work within established boundaries in an autonomous and creative way.”

Erich Fromm (1900-1980)

Operating in the absence of all structure is not only difficult, but stressful for most people.

When people are critical of someone’s leadership or management style you will find the themes that recur relate to inconsistent expectations and structure – things like:

  • “You never know where you stand with her.”
  • “He tells me to take more responsibility but always compains that he would have done it differently.”
  • “I’m supposed to get approval before I act, but when I try to I’m told to just get on with it!”

It is often our role as a leader to provide structure for those on our team, by establishing clear and consistent expectations and boundaries.

Then it’s our role to get out of the way and let them do what they are meant to do!