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Leadership Coaching Club Prize Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered our special prize draw at the Office 2006 Exhibition.

I am pleased to announce the winner was:

Ranjith Panangala of Foil Tech

who will receive a complimentary place in our next Leadership Coaching Club 10 week intensive starting in September, valued at $999.

Congratulations to Ranjith.

And thank you again to everyone who visited our stand and attended the Learn! Lead! Succeed! Seminars. It was great to meet you all.

Free Leadership seminars at Office Expo

Thank you to everyone who came to our seminar on The MAGIC of Leadership or dropped by our stand at Office Expo yesterday. It was great to meet you and hear about your work.

The Office Expo runs for two more day at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, and if you register yourself as a visitor you will receive free entry to the seminars, which feature some of Australia’s leading speakers and would typically cost at least $35 each to attend.

Take advantage of the free registration on the website now and save. I hope to see you there. And remember to come up and say hello.
The program for the remaining two days is:
Monday 22nd May: 12pm – 8pm
1.30pm – 2.15pm
Everyone Needs a Mentor
with Kerrie Mullins-Gunst
3.00pm – 3.45pm
Creating Customer Service to Make People say Wow!
with Winston Marsh
4.30pm – 5.15pm
Change Navigation – 5 keys to successfully navigating life and business storms
with Helen Macdonald
6.00pm – 6.45pm
The Art of Influence – How to get what you want from others
with Paddy Spruce

Tuesday 23rd May: 10am – 5pm
11.00am – 11.45am
Powerful Presentations – How to sell yourself and your ideas with impact
with Paddy Spruce
12.00pm – 12.45pm
Seven Things You Can Start Doing Right Now to be a Better Leader
with Kerrie Mullins-Gunst
1.30pm – 2.15pm
The Magnetic Employer – Creating a magnetic workplace where workers are truly happy!
with Helen Macdonald
2.30pm – 3.15pm
How to Turn Your Customers into Evangelists
with Winston Marsh

“Management of the Future” Quote

“Human beings are compounded of cognition and emotion and do not function well when treated as though they were merely cogs in motion …

The task of the administrator must be accomplished less by coercion and discipline, and more and more by persuasion …

Management of the future must look more to leadership and less to authority as the primary means of coordination.”

Luther H Guilick, 1937

I’ve been doing rather a lot of travelling in the past ten days or so and when I see this quote, from way back in 1937, I’m reminded of that great travel anthem… “Are we there yet?”

For some more ideas on the different roles of leader and manager have a look at this article I wrote on Leadership Role Playing.

Somehow I think we’re still on the journey.

Making changes stick

One of the hardest tests of your leadership can be how successful you are in managing change. Recently there has been some discussion at the Leadership Forum about how to create the sense of urgency that helps to embed change in your organizational culture.

I think some of the most practical suggestions for how to do this come from John Kotter. In his book Leading Change, he says that establishing a sense of urgency is the first step in his eight stage change process, and it’s a critical step.

To push up the urgency level, he says that the first task is to remove all sources of complacency, or to minimize their impact. He gives examples such as:

* eliminating signs or symbols of corporate success, excess or largesse (eg. sell the executive jet, move to more humble premises, cut back on lavish events for staff and clients and start counting the paper clips)
* set higher standards both formally in the planning process and informally in day-to-day activities
* review and tighten internal measurement systems
* vastly increase the amount of external performance feedback people receive (eg. ask for real feedback from customers and listen to their complaints)
* reward and encourage honest talk in meetings and genuine problem solving (this usually requires an external facilitator or consultant as it can be very confronting)
* cut out ‘happy’ talk from the top and replace it with ‘this situation is serious’ talk.

To really create a sense of urgency demands bold actions, many of which are risky and even unpleasant. Kotter would say if you are serious you should be doing all these things, and more, to ensure your message that things are serious just can’t be ignored. Many of these actions need to come from high up in the organization.

In general, people like to feel complacent and comfortable and will always resist your attempts to make changing more urgent. As the situation becomes more urgent, conflict will arise and people will become anxious and uncomfortable. You need to be prepared for this when you try to implement changes.

Many organizations find that it is difficult for the old leadership team (which has presumably had a role in creating the current situation) to shake people out of their complacency and create a new sense of urgency.

This is one of the key reasons why you might need to bring in an external consultant to help with a change program. And remember, we’ve helped dozens of leaders implement effective change programs. If you need to make sure the changes you are introducing to your organization are successfully embedded in your culture, call us on 03-985 3924 or email me for details. You can download a brochure about one of our change management programs here.

More on how to successfully implement change in your organization in the Quick Tips below:



‘If you want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.’
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (Italian Writer, 1896-1957)



You are personally invited to join me for the following seminars at the Office 2006 Exhibition at the Melbourne Exhibition Center:
* The MAGIC of Leadership – How to lead so people will want to follow you on Sunday 21st May
* Everyone Needs a Mentor on Monday 22nd May
* Seven Things You Can Start Doing Right Now to be a Better Leader on Tuesday 23rd May

When you register yourself as a visitor to Office 2006 you will receive a free ticket to these seminars, which would normally cost at least $35 each to attend. Take advantage of the free registration on the website now and save. I hope to see you there.



* To overcome complacency, make sure you are not giving out any mixed messages about how serious the situation you are addressing is. Actions, signs and symbols, processes and procedures all communicate as much as words do, and sometimes even more.
* Watch out for individuals who grasp the urgency of your situation quickly and understand what has to be done. Enlist them as allies in spreading the word to others who may still be resisting your changes.
* If your changes are critical, don’t try to do it all on your own. Bring in experts to guide you and help you avoid the mistakes that could cost you dearly if you make them.

The Leading Well Bottom Line: Don’t assume your change program will just stick automatically. You need to be deliberate and determined in what you are trying to achieve.


* How do YOU make changes stick?

* What are you doing to overcome complacency, create a sense of urgency and make change stick in your organization?

Please share your ideas with us by adding a comment. Just click the comments link at the end of this article.

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