Browse Month: July 2006

Mission statements for great companies

Do you need a new mission statement?

You have two choices:

  1. You could employ a highly skilled facilitator (like me 🙂 ) to help you and your team generate something meaningful and profound that offers true guidance and direction as you grow and develop, or
  2. you could do it on the cheap using the Dilbert Mission Satement Generator.

Actually come to think of it I think I’ve seen some companies who took the second option…

Leadership and management productivity teleseminar

Our first free teleseminar for clients and subscribers of Leading Well was so successful we have scheduled another one, this time with Australia’s Number 1 Productivity Coach, Lorraine Pirihi, on ‘How to Transform Yourself into a Productivity Powerhouse’.

It will be held on Wednesday July 19 or Thursday July 20 (depending on which part of the world you are calling from). Lorraine has lots of practical, useful tips on how to get more things done in your day and I’m sure you won’t want to miss it.

See here for times, dates and details

Less stress for leaders and managers

Lorraine Pirihi, guest on my next teleseminar and Australia’s number 1 productivity coach, is presenting a live seminar on ‘How to Have Less Mess, Less Stress and More Success’ on July 15th in Melbourne.

AND I’ve been able to arrange an extra special offer for all my clients! If you book now – by Tuesday 11th July at the very latest – you’ll also receive a complimentary recording of the live event valued at $197 for FREE, along with all the other bonuses she includes. Great value. (Take along a friend and you will save even more!)

Download all the details here.

Manager’s Mission Audioseminar

Our teleseminar on ‘The Manager’s Mission: How to take all the complexity out of management and replace it with simple success’ was a great event with participants registered from across the globe, who raved about all the ideas, information and tips that were packed into such a short seminar. I hope you didn’t miss it.

If you did miss it, or if you just want to listen to it again to catch any details you might have missed, we will soon have the recording available for instant download.

Click here for details.

A leadership style that works

Some managers just don’t seem to be able to resist getting involved or giving advice, even when it’s not really needed or wanted. It’s a counterproductive leadership style that screams lack of trust.

One of the most empowering things you can do as a leader is provide your people with the space to manage their own priorities.

After you have clarified priorities and responsibilities with your people, your next priority should be to ensure they have all the skills and resources necessary, and then leave them to it.

Demonstrate trust and you’ll achieve a leadership style that works much more effectively.

For more great ideas on how to develop your leadership skills join us in the Leadership Coaching Club which starts in mid September.