Browse Month: June 2007

A really quick favor? I need your opinion, please.

I wonder if you could spare just one minute to do me a small favor?

I’ve got a challenge. I’ve been going through all the projects I started over the past year, and I’ve got a whole lot of them in various stages of completion. All interesting, and all potentially useful for you. Rather than just guess which ones you’d find most helpful, I figured … why not just ask?

If you could take just one minute to let me know which of them you’d like to have on your desk the most, I’d really appreciate it. Just go to the link below, click on the button next to the one you really want, and click the button at the bottom to submit your vote.

That’s it. No sales pitch. I just really need your opinion. And I appreciate you taking the time. It really will just take a moment.

Here’s the link:

And thanks again.

Kind regards, Kerrie